What are the most independent dog breeds?


The dog is one of the pets that require more affection and dedication. Therefore, if, despite having a busy routine, you decide to buy it, preferably evaluate those more independent dog breeds.

The number of single-family homes or with members who spend most of the day away from home is high. Even so, many people miss having a particular company in the moments of disconnection and see in the dog the best option to cover this need for affection.

Once the hourly responsibilities implied by this pet are conceived, the appropriate breed must be chosen. Each dog, like each person, has its character. However, within all the diversity of races, we must know those that best fit each owner.

In the case of having a hard-working life or various duties that limit your free time, these will be the most independent dog breeds, and that will least suffer your absence.

More independent dog breeds

  • The french bulldog Its small size and its moderate need for exercise and attention make it the ideal dog for single-family floors. It is popularly said that it is the best dog for singles because it provides affection but does not demand continuous attention. In moments of solitude, they usually opt for a long nap.
  • Shiba Inu. With Japanese origins, it is one of the most independent dog breeds, in addition to standing out for its loyalty and intelligence. Experts recommend early and firm training, in addition to strengthening their socialization to increase their confidence with people and dogs outside the home.
  • The chow. Its distant attitude characterizes this breed from China. Although their tendency to show signs of affection is slightly reduced, they are loyal dogs and relatively easy to educate. All this makes them endure long periods without missing their owners.
  • The shar-pei. Like the previous one, this dog with Chinese roots is distant, loyal, and calm. Endures loneliness while exercising a vigilant function. As for his education, his strong character can involve more significant effort and dedication.

Independent dogs demanding company

Among all the variety of dog breeds, there are those that, although having an autonomous and little affective character, do not tolerate loneliness. Among them are:

  • The Greyhound. This dog stands out for its tranquility and intelligence and, although it has a sweet behavior with its owners, it does not demand continuous affection either. His tendency to go free is not compatible with long periods without company.
  • The Alaskan malamute. With an appearance and a character reminiscent of wolves, it is included among the most independent dog breeds. They need a thorough education, in addition to high doses of exercise, so they are not suitable for small flats and limited schedules.
  • Scottish terrier . One of the attributes that best defines this race is its stubbornness, as it tends to make its own decisions, even if that implies contradicting orders. This excess of independence can be mitigated with proper training and patience. However, his bravery and joy do not like loneliness.

There are many independent dog breeds, each with its peculiarities. Knowing them is interesting when opting for one. Still, it is not always a guarantee of success, since the personality of each animal and the education received will be essential when it comes to forging its character.

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