Helping your cat clean up is a great way to bond with him, as well as allow you to monitor his health. Use the best cat brush.

The cats are very clean animals and take care of yourself most of the operations cleaning staff. However, because they can’t always reach all the spots, brushing your cat to help him clean up is a great way to bond with him, as well as allow you to keep an eye on his health. Remember that all cats need attention and almost all of them love to be brushed.

The advantages of using the cat brush 

The advantages that a cat brush can bring, in addition to the strong bond that is created, are many . Brushing your cat not only serves to stimulate its circulation and improve muscle tone, but also reduces the size and amount of hairballs in the stomach by removing dead hair. Brushing the cat also helps to smooth the hair by improving its insulating properties, especially at the thermal level. As if that were not enough, the glands at the root of each cat’s hair are stimulated, favoring the impermeability of the coat.

Brushing your cat should become a regular practice from an early age, as it gives you the ability to check for external parasites, skin wounds, and other masses and bumps, not to mention the benefits of a cleaner home.

Tips on how to brush your cat

It is best to buy good quality long or short haired cat brushes , depending on your needs, that will last for the entire life of the cat. You will need to use a good quality brush or a fine toothed comb.

For short-haired cats , use a fine-toothed metal cat comb once a week in combination with a rubber or natural bristle brush to remove dead hair . Gently brush or comb your cat in the direction the hair grows, then use the cat brush against the hair and back towards the tail.

If you have a long-haired cat, use a metal comb every day. Untangle knots gently with your fingers or carefully cut sturdy knots with a pair of rounded-tipped scissors. If your cat doesn’t particularly like being brushed, try offering him treats or treats along with some encouragement to calm him down.

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