6 healthier dog breeds


Dogs are different from each other, not only because of the breed they belong to but also because of their size or personality. Another factor that differentiates them is health, and there are dog breeds that are healthier than others.

Healthier dog breeds

Currently, it is estimated that there are more than 500 different dog breeds. Each has its characteristics that differentiate them from the rest.

About health, dogs must follow a balanced diet and exercise daily to stay healthy. However, some races have been recognized as more robust than others.

Border collie

In addition to being a healthy dog, the border collie – in the image that tops this article – is considered the smartest dog in the world. This grazing dog is also classified as one of the most faithful races.

To keep him in a good state of health, he must receive a careful diet because he has a delicate stomach. On the other hand, it is a dog with enough hair, which gets tangled and dirty quickly. Therefore, it is recommended to brush daily to avoid entanglements.

As a good shepherd dog, you have to perform a lot of exercises to burn excess energy. The strong personality of this animal must also be taken into account, so it must be trained since childhood.

German shorthaired pointer

This durable and muscular breed is classified as a large dog breed. These dogs come from Germany, where they descend from hounds and retrievers.

The members of this breed have been widely used as hunting companions. This is due to the hunting instinct they possess, together with the high energy that they have to deplete, for which it is necessary to perform at least two hours of daily exercise.

It is considered a healthy dog but is more susceptible to suffering from some diseases. Among these diseases are hip problems and eye disorders.


The chihuahua is a small dog from Mexico. A characteristic feature of this animal is the confidence it has. For that reason, it is not difficult to see them face dogs that are three times their size.

For this reason, it is convenient to educate him since childhood to avoid bad behaviors. However, it is a very affectionate dog with its owners and exceptionally playful with the smallest. 

About your health, it is an average healthy dog, but that requires exercise and walks to strengthen it. 

However, it is prone to suffer certain diseases, such as dislocations, glaucoma, or heart disorders. Also, it is a dog that does not tolerate cold climates, influencing its size in some way.

Siberian Husky

This breed is native to Siberia. The natives or Chukchis trained and cared for this Nordic race, which is characterized by its faithful and noble temperament.

In the past, they were used to pull sleds, and this was the primary transport method. Hence they were treasured by the natives. They arrived in Alaska in the 20th century, where they are called Chukchis. It was the Americans who called them Siberian huskies.

This dog is resistant, but, like all breeds, it is prone to some specific diseases. Among them, hereditary eye disorders and hip dysplasia can be mentioned.

To maintain it in an optimal state of health, it is necessary to provide adequate food and daily and intense exercise. Adult huskies require at least two hours of regular use, preferably in a delimited place where they can run.

Australian pastor

These dogs, muscular and energetic, are similar to the border collie, so they are usually compared to that breed. Despite receiving the nickname of ‘Australian,’ he is a descendant of the Basque shepherds who emigrated to the United States and then to Australia.

Due to their grazing work, they need to take long daily walks to stay healthy, so they are excellent canine sports participants. Despite being considered one of the healthiest dogs, it can suffer from hip problems (dysplasia) or eye disorders.

Mestizo dogs or dogs without pedigree are those that descend from two or more different breeds. Each mongrel dog is unique since depending on their parents will have a specific size and a particular character. On the other hand, the socialization of the puppy will be essential to determine its nature.

As for their health, these dogs are less likely to die of genetic diseases. Among the conditions that mongrel dogs can suffer is heart disease or hyperthyroidism.

Regardless of the race to which they belong, every one of them is more likely to suffer from several diseases or others. However, these have been some examples of the so-called ‘healthier dogs.’

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